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Respond Flow is officially a funded company

Long short of it: We received investment, quit our day jobs, and moved to Tulsa Oklahoma 🎉... Read More

Why we chose Oklahoma

Oklahoma´s long-standing flyover reputation is currently being disrupted. In the last year, Oklahoma has received billions in outside investment from companies such as Google and Amazon. If a plethora of incoming investments wasn't enough... Continue Reading

Feature Release: Keyword Responders

We've just released a super exciting new feature to Respond Flow: Keyword Auto-Responders... Continue Reading

New Feature Alert: MMS

You can now send images and videos with Respond Flow's newest feature, MMS... Continue Reading

Business Texting Guide

Texting is hot. It lets you connect with your customers more effectively than any other marketing channel. 

Why Local Service Drives Repeat Business

Driving repeat businesses is never an accident. It’s also one of the most effective ways to increase revenue.

The All-Inclusive Marketing Guide for Gymnastics Gyms

Let’s face it, marketing is scary. When it comes to owning a gym, you have to manage employees, parents, class schedules, competitions… the list goes on and on. With everything else you have to worry about, marketing is just one more thing you have to focus on...Continue Reading

TikTok and Texting - An Unbeatable Combo

TikTok - the newest fast-paced and epic entertainment app on the block. Most people look at TikTok as another way to get their fill of vine-like videos. If you’re reading this article, then you’re ahead of the curve...Continue Reading

10 Proven Text Message Templates For Retailers

Get insights on 10 proven text message templates that drives sales to your retail store...Continue Reading

Automating Your Lead Follow-Up

Generating new leads for your business is great, but it can also eat up most of your time. If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably so busy that you put off reaching out to your newly acquired leads until you’re desperate for new customers. This can turn into a vicious cycle of sink or swim for many businesses...Continue Reading

3 Ways To Captivate Your Contacts With MMS

Texting your customers doesn’t have to be limited to just text on a screen. MMS, short for multimedia messaging service, is a type of text message that allows you to send images, videos, and gifs to your contacts... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Integrate Your Text Message Marketing With Your Social Media Strategy

By integrating texting into your overall social media strategy, you’ll be able to grow your marketing list as well as increase your social media followers engagement with your posts... Continue Reading

Text Message Lead Follow Up For Sales Teams

It’s not always easy to get a response from leads let alone keeping up a routine follow-up schedule. You might be tempted to use email...Continue Reading

Gary V: Increasing social media engagement with text message marketing

Gary V has become an advocate for text message marketing and is actively using the marketing channel to engage his followers... Continue Reading

Short Code Vs. Long Code Numbers

There are two types of text messages, long code and short code. Understanding the difference between the two may be confusing at first... Continue Reading

Text Message Marketing for Beginners

How to close more deals, boost your sales, and keep your customers happy with conversational marketing techniques over text... Continue Reading

The Cost of Poor Customer Service

Customer experience is the new marketing battleground. More than 2/3 of companies... Continue Reading

Customer Experience: In a Sea of Identical Products

As more businesses begin to automate their business operations, customer experience will be what sets the winners apart... Continue Reading

Why Oklahoma Dispensaries Are Turning to Text

In the state of Oklahoma, 1,884 Medical marijuana dispensaries have received licenses to operate as of August 26th, 2019. With 179,450 patient and caregiver licenses... Continue Reading

Four Creative Ways to Reach Out to Your Customers by Text

In the world of text marketing, customers are becoming more and more aware that the texts they get from businesses... Continue Reading

Why you shouldn't spam your customers and what you should do instead

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that everyone hates text blasts from a 5-digit number... Continue Reading

Your customers hate cold calling as much as you do

Cold calling has received a bad reputation. Mostly because it makes the assumption that the recipient of the call is ready to hear you out (ps. they are not)... Continue Reading

The Future of Marketing is  Conversational

No one enjoys the traditional way customers and businesses have interacted. Both sides of the coin want 1:1 conversations when and where they are available... Continue Reading

How to Make Text Message Marketing more Human

The future of marketing is conversational and businesses need to reach their customers where they like to have conversations... Continue Reading

How VIP campaigns can increase sales for your store or service

In the effort to increase the bottom line, business owners often choose to focus on growing their customer base. However, it is far cheaper to focus on... Continue Reading

How to Host an Event for Lead Generation

Hosting events is a great strategy to acquire leads for your service-based businesses, and also one of the most exciting! It’s a great way to meet potential clients... Continue Reading

Lead Generation In 2020

Business owners are always searching for industry-specific lead generation strategies for their retail store, gym, e-commerce site, or online course. In reality, most lead generation tactics work well with all types of businesses, small and large... Continue Reading

How to collect phone numbers online

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of text message marketing is collecting phone numbers from leads... Continue Reading

The Biggest Lead-Gen Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

If there’s one thing that every sales team can agree on, it’s that one of the hardest parts of sales is finding leads. And not just any leads will do... Continue Reading

How to connect Respond Flow to a form builder

Learn how to connect Respond Flow to a form builder with Respond Flow's CEO, Martin Lien... Learn More

How to connect Respond Flow to a QR code

Learn how to connect Respond Flow to a QR code, with Respond Flow's CEO, Martin Lien... Learn More

How to set up your first VIP campaigns

Learn how to set up your first VIP campaign with Respond Flow CEO, Martin Lien... Learn More

Setting up your first automated text campaign

Learn how to set up your first automated text campaigns from Respond Flow's Head of Sales, Peter Daggett... Learn More