About Respond Flow

Our vision is to make every conversation turn into a
meaningful connection.
"Machines will do the work that makes life possible. Human beings will do all the other things that make life pleasant and worthwhile" (Isaac Asimov)

No algorithms, no bots, just the simplicity of texting

In a world full of complicated social media algorithms, Frankenstein monsters labelled as AI chatbots, and spammers galore, we decided that there had to be a better way of connecting. That's why we work everyday to make sure Respond Flow enables business to truly connect with their customers, not just "automate them".

Connection is baked into our history and founding story. Our CEO Martin Lien, faced this challenge as the head of business development in his role at a previous startup. Where traditional communication methods failed him, a well timed, and personalized text made all the difference in truly connecting with his customers.

Our Values

Solutions Oriented

We focus on finding solutions instead of dwelling on problems, every problem is overcomable.

Growth Mindset

We are committed to continuous self improvement and learning, we embrace challenges and persist forward.

Impact Driven

We show up every day with an aim to make a difference.

Prioritize Fun

We work to create a fun atmosphere at work. We celebrate milestones and goals, both personal and professional.

Default to transparency

We are committed to making sure everyone knows our intent. When in doubt, choose transparency.

Our Team

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