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Why one-way text isn't enough.

One-way text blasts leave clients stranded

Unanswered texts lead to unhappy patients. This leads to decreased retention, bad reviews, and lost revenue.

Two-way chat builds connections

Patients that text back come back. Your one-way texts are already costing you more than you think.

Why Respond Flow's Different

Don't leave your clients feeling stranded 🏝

Let your members text you when and where they need you most. You never know when they might need a life jacket.

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Make waves with your marketing 🌊

Send mass text messages to promote new products, deals, and events personalized with your members personal information.

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Segment Clients by favorite class🤳

Curate lists of customers based on their behaviors and preferences to retarget them later with relevant text messages.

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“Respond Flow has been a life saver during the Covid-19 quarantine! I was able to fill up my online Zoom classes and guide my clients through signing up for our new virtual classes via text."

June Hines, Owner

You own the number

Unlike other platforms, we do not share numbers between our customers. Your area code, your number

A number for each location

We allow multi-location gyms to register a local number for each location.

Centralized Marketing Meets Localized Service

Push mass messages through all of your locations at once. When customers text back, let your local trainers handle the responses.

Mobile App

On the go doesn't have to mean ttyl. Use Respond Flow's mobile app on both IOS and Android to keep the conversation flowing.

"I'm not a marketer, I'm a gymnast. Respond Flow makes it easy for me to connect with my members in a more authentic way."

Time Daggett, Owner

Grow your text list with keyword campaigns

Grow your texting community by letting your subscribers enroll into a campaign by texting in a keyword.

Grow your list

Automate your text message follow-up

Create flows that guide your inbound members through follow-up campaigns as unique as they are.

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