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Automatically connect with your community 1-on-1 using the simplicity of text messaging
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You bring the passion, we help you have conversations

It's not enough to sell uninspired products. Inspire your customers to be as passionate as you are.
Own your audience
Reclaim your audience from social media. You worked hard to build it, why not capitalize on your reach 100% using something as simple as text messaging.
Turn conversations into sales
The future of sales are relationships. Spark connection by sending mass messages, then pick up the conversation when your audience texts back.
Convert shoppers into YOUR loyal community
Customers have a million options to choose from. Make it easier by inspiring loyalty and passion for your products with personalized promotions and text message retargeting.
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Authentically connect with customers

Personalized promotions
Personalize your SMS campaigns with your customers name and give discounts on products that you know your customers love.
Smart follow-up
Text your customers after they make a purchase or if you haven't seen them in a while. Sales magic happens in the follow-up.
Connect to your favorite software
Respond Flow integrates with your favorite software to create a seamless way to grow your text texting community.
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One week with Respond Flow

Kanna Kures is a retail chain with three locations in South-east Oklahoma. After just one week with Respond Flow, they nearly doubled their sales.
183% ⬆
137% ⬆
Number of Transactions
25% ⬆
$ Spent per transaction
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