Build meaningful relationships through text.
01 | Dial in

Pick a line

Whether you need one or multiple phone lines. You can start texting your customers immediately
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A local number for each location
We allow multi-location businesses to register a local number for each store front. Send unified mass messages through all of your stores, and let your local employees handle the service.
Invite your team
Invite your team to help respond to customers over desktop or our phone app.
Upload your contacts
Import your contacts from your CRM or upload them from your POS.

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02 | Connect

Build relationships that matter

Grow your business through meaningful conversations with your customers.
2-Way Text

Never leave a customer hanging

Your customers want to talk to you when and where they want. Don't leave them feeling stranded with one-way texts. Text back and forth with your customers like you would a friend.

Make waves with your marketing

Schedule mass text messages to segmented groups with a touch of personalization so your customers feel like people, and not just a number on a list.

Know your people

Curate lists of customers and segment them based on their behavior on and offline. Retarget your lists with future offers and content that truly resonates with them.
Mobile App

Respond on the go

On the go doesn't have to mean ttyl. Respond Flow's mobile app keeps the conversation going no matter where you are. Available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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03 | Automate

Put your outreach on auto-pilot

Build automated text message campaigns as unique as your customers

Automate your follow-up

Create flows that guide your inbound customers through follow-up campaigns as unique as they are.

Trigger campaigns with keywords

Automatically trigger text message responses when contacts text in with a keyword or phrase.
Dynamic Fields

Personalization at scale

Dynamically add customer's information to your text message campaigns to make every conversation feel one-on-one.

We connect with your favorite apps

Schedule mass text messages to all or segmented groups of customers personalized with their name so they feel like people and not a number on a list.

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See what Respond Flow can do for you

No matter your business or experience level, we have features to help you understand your customers, connect with them, and get better as you go.

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