How Metro South Gym Generated $13,000 in Monthly Revenue

Response Rate
Monthly Revenue Generated

The Challenge

Metro South Gymnastics is a Gymnastics gym located in Canton, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. When they were looking for a new way to engage leads from their website and generate more revenue, they turned to Respond Flow to start texting their new leads.

Using localized marketing strategies, Metro South is able to drive traffic to its website and capture new leads through its trial class inquiry form. That’s where Respond Flow comes to into play.

The Solution

When a new lead fills out the form, Metro South automatically sends them a text to schedule their free trial class without having to lift a finger until the lead responds! If the lead doesn’t respond right away, Metro South automatically follows up with the lead using Flows, ensuring that they get the maximum amount of leads in the door for their trial class.

Using this strategy, Metro South was able to generate a 96% response rate from all leads that inquired about a free trial between the months of January and March of 2021. Of the 253 leads that responded and completed a trial class, 147 of them ended up converting to paying customers, generating $13,000 in Monthly Reccuring Revenue.

With a 94.5x ROI using Respond Flow’s automated texting tool, Metro South is able to turn new leads into favorite customers with a simple, straightforward way to communicate with parents. 

In today’s fast-paced world, it has never been more difficult for parents to schedule and stay on top of their kids activities. With Respond Flow, you can easily schedule classes, let parents know about upcoming events, promote sales at your pro shop, and much more!

Schedule a demo today to learn how Respond Flow can help your gym generate more revenue and provide a simpler communication experience for parents and staff!

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