Kanna Kures

How a mutli location dispensary increased their sales by 200% after two weeks of using Respond Flow

Increase in revenue
Increase in the number of transactions
Increase in dollars spent per transaction
A multi location dispensary chain in South East Oklahoma.
Features Used
Waves, Lists

Kanna Kures is a multi-location dispensary chain in Sout-East Oklahoma. Owned by Ziljian Aguirre and Alexa Silvers.

As a dispensary in Oklahoma, a hyper-competitive industry, Kanna Kures needs to stand out from the crowd and retain their customers in order to stay relevant and successful.    

Doubling sales in one week

To connect with their customers they decided to use Respond Flow.

They began by collecting their customer’s numbers in-store after purchase and allowed them to identify the products they care about most. After generating enough contacts they sent out text waves to their customers offering promotions based on their contact’s favorite strains and products.

One week with Respond Flow

  • 183% increase in revenue
  • 137% increase in the number of transactions made
  • 25% increase in dollars spent per transactions

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