June Hines Pilates

How a multi-location fitness boutique filled their remote class schedule during Covid.

Text subscribers in a week
Click Through Rate
Higher conversion rate than email
A 3 location Pilates boutique located in Pennsylvania.
Gyms and Fitness
Features Used
Waves, Lists, Two-way text

June Hines Pilates is a multiple location fitness boutique in Pennsylvania that offers Pilates classes as well as acts as a regional teacher training center for Romana’s Pilates. 

Owned and operated by June Hines, her studios were disrupted by COVID-19 and the quarantine that ensued. Her business relied heavily on curating a personalized fitness routine and working one-on-one in person with small groups of clients. After years of not investing in digital marketing, the studio had to upgrade its online approach and fast.

Due to quarantine, June had to figure out how to start teaching online, keep the intimate feel of her business alive, as well as guide her nontech-savvy clients through signing-up for remote Zoom classes.

Connecting with customers over text message

To better communicate with her clients, June turned to Respond Flow. In the first week, she emailed all of her customer’s links to a form that allowed them to opt-in to communicate over text messages as well as asked her Facebook followers to text into her number. After a week of build-up, she gained 287 subscribers for her text list.

Her next goal was to segment her texting community by which classes they wanted to take online. In the 23 years, she had been in business, June had never offered Zoom classes and needed to optimize her class sign-ups fast due to closing having to close her studios down for quarantine. 

She sent out a text wave linking to a HubSpot form that asked her subscribers to sign-up for classes. With the option to choose from Privates, mat classes, or modified apparatus workouts, she was able to segment her text list into groups she could retarget.

After 3 weeks of implementing Respond Flow, June was not only able to fill her schedule with Privates and classes but was able to keep all 10 of her employees working during the quarantine.

“What I found most useful while using Respond Flow during this situation was that I could promote my new classes and then walk my clients through the sign-up process over text. A good portion of my clientele are not comfortable using the internet. They’ve also come to expect a hands-on approach from my team, which we were able to give.”

Results after 1 month

  • 287 text subscribers in a week
  • 45% Click Through Rate on promotions
  • 12% higher conversion rate than email
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