Increasing your cannabis dispensary's sales by 281% with a $45/ month text spend.

Increase in sales
Texting community growth
Monthly text spend

High Voltage Cannabis Co isn’t your average dispensary. Founded by Morgan Horner, the Oklahoma City-based dispensary set out on a mission to create the most customer-centric cannabis experience in the mid-west.

He builds his business around personal relationships and is somewhat of a super-connector in the Oklahoma cannabis industry. 

But as his business started to grow, he began to find that maintaining his customer relationships was getting harder by the day. He knew his growth would be compromised if he couldn’t find a way to scale his ability to build genuine connections with customers.

So, Morgan decided to turn to Respond Flow to help him keep his customers feeling like friends.

Using Respond Flow, Morgan started sending out conversational mass text messages with a personal touch, and just four months later, he had seen an increase in sales of over 280%, growing at a rate of nearly 40% per month.

Increase In Sales     Texting Community Growth Monthly Spend on Respond Flow

281% 405% $45

By crafting unique messages that resonate with his audience, he not only skyrocketed his sales, but also quadrupled the size of his texting community. 

But it’s not just about blasts. Morgan takes it one step further to get even closer to his customers. Since he texts like a conversation, not like a notification, he started to see response texts pour in. Customers loved it. Instead of having to drive all the way to the store to get their questions answered, customers could just shoot him a text and know that they’ll hear back. It empowered them to not only stay connected to all things High Voltage but also gave them the ability to have a two-way conversation and truly connect on a personal level. 

“Customers don’t want to buy from a business, they want to buy from people. If you reach out like a real person, your customers won’t think of it as a marketing message. They’ll think “Oh, Morgan just texted me, better get back to him!”, and that’s what builds the real relationships. Customers that text back, come back.” 

If you want to learn more about High Voltage and how they use Respond Flow, shoot Morgan a text at (405) 451-5138!

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