Text Message Marketing

Your customers hate cold calling as much as you do

Martin Lien

Cold calling has received a bad reputation. Mostly because it makes the assumption that the recipient of the call is ready to hear you out (ps. they are not). But also because it is a time consuming and energy-draining exercise with a meager 0.9% conversion rate. And that number is steadily decreasing every day in this new era of robot callers where the lack of trust for unknown callers are higher than ever.

That does not mean that using direct communication as a means to prospect is a bad thing. The power of answering your customer's questions immediately over a call can in many cases salvage a would-be lost lead and turn them into one of your most evangelistic customers. So how can you still reap the benefits of direct communications without the mind grudging task of cold calling? Automate the first sales touch with text.

Since the root of the issue is the lack of responses from cold calling, the reasonable fix would be warming up the lead and letting them schedule the call when they have time. Through text messaging, you can look forward to 90% open rates in the first 3 minutes of receiving a text, and an overall open rate of 98%! Compared to only 20.81% overall open rates of email.

Knowing the benefits is useful, but without the knowledge of how to actually take advantage of it, it’s useless. That is why I have gone through every single detail of how I would personally set up a high-converting text introduction campaign in a separate blog post. In this example, I will go through how it would work for a real estate agent.

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