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Don't spam your customers do this instead

Peter Daggett

Why You Shouldn’t Text Blast Your Customers and What You Should Do Instead

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that everyone hates text blasts from a 5-digit number. When you get a text from a 5-Digit Number telling you to “Reply YES to Redeem Offer” you probably are just going to ignore it. 

When you send bulk SMS texts to your customers, they don’t feel like they’re being treated like people. They know that they’re being texted from a bot, and they feel like they’re just another number on a list. 

So how can you as a business use SMS Marketing and still keep your customers feeling like they’re being treated as people?

With Respond Flow’s <a href="http://help.respondflow.com/en/articles/3052178-scheduled-text-blast">Automated Outreach, you can reach out to your customers at scale with a personalized message that they actually want to respond to. Your customers will not only want to respond, they actually can with our long code text marketing tool.&nbsp;

To put it more simply, long code text marketing involves using a 10-Digit number to send SMS blasts that customers can actually text back and call back), rather than the 5-Digit text you typically get marketing messages from..&nbsp;

Respond Flow is a text blast service that isn’t a text blast service. We don’t attempt to interrupt customers days to just notify them of deals. We automate our outreach (did I mention at an Unlimited Scale?) to help you spark real conversation with your customers. Because when it really comes down to it, conversations build relationships. Relationships build trust. And when your prospects trust you, they convert.&nbsp;

If you want to learn more about how you can start building better relationships with your customers through text marketing, click the link below!

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