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Why we chose Oklahoma

Martin Lien

In contrast to coastal states, Oklahoma is not typically associated with innovation. Known for its dominant oil and gas industry, turbulent tornado season and football, Olahoma has traditionally been perceived as a flyover state – a place where you pass through but never visit, a place where change comes slow and tradition is valued. As a result, Oklahoma´s startup scene is a far cry from Silicon Valley.

However, Oklahoma´s long-standing flyover reputation is currently being disrupted. In the last year, Oklahoma has received billions in outside investment from companies such as Google and Amazon. If a plethora of incoming investments wasn't enough, Kiplinger names Oklahoma City one of America's most affordable cities, estimated at 9.7% below the U.S. average cost of living.

The combination of incoming investments, affordability and rising education levels, is putting Oklahoma back on the map while laying the foundation for a rising startup community. For our team, staying in Oklahoma City gives us unprecedented access to unique talent and manageable startup costs, enabling us to pass on a unique product at an affordable price to our customers and making us the most affordable and scalable text-marketing solution in the market.

So maybe Oklahoma is still a far cry from Silicon Valley – but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.

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