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TikTok and Texting - An Unbeatable Combo

Matt Morfopoulos

TikTok - the newest fast-paced and epic entertainment app on the block. Most people look at TikTok as another way to get their fill of vine-like videos. If you’re reading this article, then you’re ahead of the curve and know that if leveraged correctly, TikTok can give you exposure to thousands of potential customers who will actually engage with your content.

So how does TikTok and Texting make an unbeatable combo?

1. You can use TikTok to send high-quality videos to your texting list

TikTok makes it effortless for you to share video posts with your customers. Even if your text list doesn’t have a Tik Tok account, they are still able to view your content on their browser. 

While you can choose to send MMS messages with videos, the quality is generally pretty poor.  Instead, lead them to your Tik Tok account where they can further engage with your content by liking and commenting on your videos.

2.Use TikTok to make engaging videos your customers will actually like

The social media app makes it simple to create high-quality videos making TikTok a power-house for businesses aiming to increase customer engagement with their content.

(Engagement Rate = 29% Across all Accounts).

Instead of spending hours figuring out how to edit videos or hiring an expensive freelancer, just use TikTok.

3.You can save money when sending videos

It costs money to send business texts. It costs more money to send images and videos with MMS. Although $0.02 a text doesn’t sound like a huge cost to send a video, as you start to increase your text list, the cost to message all of your contacts will start to drastically go up.

By sending a link to a TikTok video, you reduce your cost per text to $0.0075.  


TikTok and text messages can be leveraged together to send your text list high-quality videos your community can actually engage with.

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