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The Future of Marketing is  Conversational

Matt Morfopoulos

Customers and Sales reps have more in common than we realize. They both dislike cold calls and emailing back and forth. No one enjoys the traditional way customers and businesses have interacted. Both sides of the coin want 1:1 conversations when and where they are available. They want conversational marketing.

Gartner sees it. If you're reading this blog, you probably see the future of marketing as well.

Conversational marketing is here, but there are many challenges we face as business leaders to understand and implement the technology.

As you read, you'll learn what conversational marketing is and why you should apply these strategies to your organization.

So, what is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is a strategic approach to engaging your customers that involves:

A seamless customer experience, with a hands-on feel.Two way communication between businesses and customers.1:1 relationship building through personalization.

I can take one look at my gmail inbox and can without a doubt tell you that TOO MANY companies talk <em>AT </em>their customers and never take the opportunity to talk WITH their "valued" clients.

Conversational marketing is an excellent approach that replaces traditional tactics of hoarding leads with a short sales cycle. Enabling businesses to receive actionable feedback from customers as well as creating a great customer experience.

How does conversational marketing work?

The best part about conversational marketing is that it’s relatively simple. From the perspective of the business, it's as easy as adopting a conversational platform such as Respond Flow.

The platform allows business owners to import and streamline their contact list via a number of ways. Set up scheduled messages, mass-texts, and even automate messages based on events.

For example: a new lead is added to the contact list the customer is sent a welcome message 1 day after asking if they'd like to schedule a consultation.

From the perspective of the customer, they get an easy and personal way to communicate directly to businesses when they need or want to. Customers just need to send a message and will receive an in-time response from your sales team, marketing team, customer service team, or even a chat bot.

Why Conversational Marketing is so powerful?

There are many benefits to adopting a conversational marketing strategy for your organization.

One of the biggest benefits is that it’s an easy addition to your current marketing strategy. Conversational marketing gives your customers an alternative to the overused and under valued communication channels that most businesses use.

In other words, conversational marketing shortens your sales cycle. By providing a unique and human experience, you can convert customers faster while also turning them into loyal advocates for your business.

Normally customers have to communicate on slower moving channels such as email and ultimately forget that your sales team sent them an email. Some business are lucky if a lead opens the email in a day or two, if at all.

By providing a fast and personal way for customers to reach your business, you create a more personal customer experience. Not only will this allow your business to stand out among your competitors, but you’ll also be able to better understand what your customers care about most in a product.

Which demographics of customers love conversational marketing?

Most people think that only Millennials and Gen Z’s are the consumers conversational marketing appeals to. But they're wrong! Very often executive and business owners want to chat.

Most executives and business owners want to make sure that the product that they are purchasing is truly right for their company. Instead of wasting time looking through a website and receiving email drip, they would rather talk to a real person. This means that conversational marketing makes building relationships and converting leads faster.


Conversational marketing techniques like text messaging can be highly effective when considering the open rate (98%) and the fact that most text messages are read within 3 minutes.

Conversational marketing is faster and a more personal way to engage your leads. It will shorten your sales cycle and create a better customer experience for your new and returning customers.

Implementing these principles to your company will give you an immediate advantage that will position you for long term growth. 

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