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Setting up your first automated text campaign

Peter Daggett

In my previous blog you can read about the benefits of setting up an automated text introduction campaign. In this post, I will go through every single detail of how I would personally set up a high-converting campaign. For the sake of this example, I will pretend that I am a real estate agent.

1. Create or find a list of leads.

The first step is to have a list of leads. This step can be completed in a number of ways, even the same one you have used for cold calling. I would recommend creating a lead funnel that ensures that I always have a constant stream of new leads. In order to do that I would create a Facebook ad campaign that has an intriguing offer for potential home buyers. For instance, “Request a free consultation today”, when clicked sends people to a Typeform landing page. On that page, I would collect the bare minimum information possible in order to maximize conversion rates. In this case: Name, Number, and Email.

2. Connect Google Sheets Integration.

In order to minimize manual entry and supervision, I would connect the Typeform landing page to a Google Sheets document. You can do so by going to the “Connect” page within your Typeform landing page, go to the “Integration” section and scroll down until you find the Google Sheets integration. Click the “Connect” button on the right-hand side and follow the instructions until it’s activated.

3. Connect to Respond Flow’s Text Automation Software

Now that you should have your leads information automatically generated on a Google Sheets page you should connect it to your Respond Flow inbox. Log in or create an account on Zapier – create a zap that triggers on “New Spreadsheet Row” and make it pull the leads Name and Number. Create an action zap to “Create New Contact” on Respond Flow.

4. Create a text campaign on Respond Flow

Now it’s time for us to create the actual campaign. First, we need to make the script. If you want to learn more about how to create great conversational scripts, you can read more here. Within your Respond Flow account, go to the Templates page and select “New Template”. Write something short and organic. For example. “Hi {{First Name}}, this is Martin with Dream Homes. Call or text me back to let me know when you would be free for your free consultation.” Now go to the Campaign page and choose “New Campaign”. Select “New Contact Created” as the trigger and set the delay to 4 minutes.

To take advantage of the full power of text message campaigns it is important to make sure that you get back to potential customers as soon as possible after the initial form submission. Preferably between 3-5 minutes. This ensures that you are still top of mind. If done correctly you will only have to focus on your inbox and incoming calls instead of cold calling ever again.

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