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Lead Generation In 2020

Matt Morfopoulos

Business owners are always searching for industry-specific lead generation strategies for their retail store, gym, e-commerce site, or online course.

In reality, most lead generation tactics work well with all types of businesses, small and large.

The challenge is figuring out how these ideas look to your target audience.

In 2020, your challenge as a business owner will be choosing the strategies that are right for your business and helps you better relate to your target audience.

Today I’m going to share some of my favorite lead generation ideas and how you can personalize each one to better connect with your desired audience.

Let’s dive in!

Why you need lead generation strategies?

Most businesses fail to innovate their lead generation strategies. They scrape together a generic ebook and distribute it through their website and social media.

This might be working but it’s boring and everyone else is doing the same thing.

The businesses that are doing lead generation correctly are delighting their audiences. They set themselves apart by developing strong branding, content, and giving their audience tremendous value.  

It’s simple. The more you give, the more you get. The best lead generation strategies involve providing massive value so that you can ask them to purchase your product or service later.

How do you get sales leads?

5 Lead Generation Strategies to get you more conversions

1. Content that solves a problem

Blindly making content is not enough to generate leads. A big hurdle many business owners face is that their content is either too entertainment-based or they overly promote themselves.

You want to help your target audience solve real problems that they face. It doesn’t matter where you post, as long as your audience sees your content and finds value in it. Build your credibility so that your viewers remember you when you’re trying to sell to them.

If you’re not sure what kind of content you should create, look through forums. Take note of what your social media followers are talking about. Do some keyword research to see what people are actively searching for. What does this non-promotional content look like?

For example - if you’re: 

  • running a gym, create a video on how to lose weight through proper nutrition.
  • running a bar, create an SMS campaign that sends your contacts delicious cocktail recipes. 

Don’t actively promote! Make sure that your audience leaves your content with actionable advice they can use in their daily life.. 


If you scroll down your social media feeds, you’ll inevitably stumble onto a Buzzfeed quiz. 

We all know it’s enjoyable to see which Harry Potter character we most resemble, but business owners don’t realize they can use quizzes to generate leads.

Consumers love quizzes because they promote self-awareness. For business owners, this is an opportunity to help your audience realize they have the problem your product or service solves.

The quiz, however, needs to be entertaining as well as tie back to your business. Your audience might love Beyonce, but if your business has nothing to do with Beyonce or the music industry, you won’t generate leads.

If you run a fashion boutique, you can create a quiz to help your audience find out which kind of fashionista they are. Use the information you collect to recommend a personalized selection that would fit their style.  

3.Cross-Promote text message marketing and Social Media Marketing

The key to generating leads is to leverage your existing resources and audience.

People who follow you on social media may not be receiving your SMS newsletter and vice-versa. The key to nurturing your leads is to get them hooked into your content ecosystem.

Make sure to promote your SMS marketing on your social media. Incentivize your SMS list to post user-generated content on their socials to promote your business.

Stop worrying about vanity metrics. Create an ecosystem of content that will help you educate your customers and give you more opportunities to sell your product or service.

4.Start affiliate and loyalty programs

Word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy you can use to generate leads. 

People trust other people. The trick to this strategy is to make sure that your customers are incentivized to tell their friends just how amazing you and your business are.

By rewarding your customers for shopping and spreading your name, you’ll not only create more brand loyalty but generate more leads for free. 

5.Optimize your website

There are countless blog posts and videos going over how to optimize your website to generate leads. Unfortunately, most of them go over the same strategies - copy, design, psychology, etc.

While these tactics are important, you miss out on the basics. 

Why is a visitor really on a specific page?

You can create the most impelling lead generation magnet, but if it doesn’t match your visitor’s intent, then you’ll never be able to optimize your website’s lead generation.

To properly align your lead magnets with your visitor’s intent, it’s recommended that you categorize your content by the sales funnel stages.

Once you figure out which stage of the sales funnel your page aligns with, then you can start A/B testing different copy, design, and psychological tactics that will systemize your lead generation. 

What do I do after I generate a lead?

So you’ve followed all of the best lead generation tactics and have a treasure trove of new contacts. 

Now what?

Following up with your leads is the first step to nurturing the relationship. Send them your latest content and invite them to events to keep them in your marketing ecosystem.

If your leads are eager to buy your product, follow up with a text message or even a call to close the sale. 

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2020 is the year you need to start experimenting with your lead generation strategies.

Figuring out how to generate leads requires a willingness to experiment and play with new tactics. It’s getting harder to generate leads because the bar is being set higher every year. The time to get started is today.

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