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How VIP campaigns can increase sales for your store or service

Martin Lien

In the effort to increase the bottom line, business owners often choose to focus on growing their customer base. However, it is far cheaper to focus on up-selling your already committed customers. A good way of doing that is through offering your best customers the option to join a selective group of people who get certain perks. The key here is ensuring that the perks you offer are truly captivating and interesting for the select customers you invite.

A few examples of such captivating perks could be discount codes, seasonal deals, weekly flash sales, and private events. 

A clothing store might offer their customers to sign up for a VIP texting list where they can receive text messages for upcoming flash sales, and get access to “the night before” events where they get to come into the store to take advantage of a clearings sale/black Friday sale/spring sale the night before. A medical marijuana dispensary might offer to let their customers sign up to a VIP texting list that would give them access to on-the-hour lightning deals, offering them the top shelf marijuana for bottom shelf prices for the next hour. They would also be the first to know about new strains that come into the shop.A restaurant might offer to give their VIP list access to seasonal deals as well as discounts for special occasions. They might also offer customers who sign up access to free bonus events like invitations to new menu tastings and wine socials.

So why texting over email? In our previous blog posts, we have talked about the benefits of text over email. The most notable being the vast difference in open rates and the speed of which text messages are opened compared to email. Over 90% of text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes, and 98% of text messages are opened overall. That is compared to the overall open rates of 20.81%. That would mean that if your VIP list had 100 people, only 21 of them would even read your invite to the event. With text messages, however, 98 of them would see the invitation. 

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