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How to Make Text Message Marketing more Human

Matt Morfopoulos

How to Make Text Marketing more Human

The future of marketing is conversational and businesses need to reach their customers where they like to have conversations. Texting is one of the most popular ways people communicate today. Almost 8 trillion texts are sent every year, with an open rate constantly at 98% and a response time under 3 minutes. As a business owner who is trying to grow their business, it is impossible to ignore text as a pivotal piece in your marketing strategy.

Although we know that texting is important to grow your business, it’s often times difficult not to sound robotic when automating your campaigns. When a customer subscribes to receive texts from businesses, they understand that sometimes they will receive the occasional automated message. Over time businesses fail to implement text because they over-automate the process and treat their customers like a lead, not a person.

Here are 5 tips to increase customer satisfaction by humanizing your text-based marketing.

1. Write the way you talk.

David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, said it best “write the way you talk.” Texting is no exception. Communicating with your customers via text should make them feel like you were talking with them in person. Many businesses change their voice when reaching out to customers and oftentimes lose their interest in the process. Text is one of the most personal ways to communicate with your loyal customers. Keep it conversational and you will provide your customer a better customer experience.

2. Personalize your texts.

Texting is an intimate way to reach your customers. When you mass message or launch your drip campaigns, it’s important to customize each message to each subscribers’ needs. This is easily done by building lists in your contacts and using merge tags to tailor each subscriber’s message with their name and a value proposition they care about. Creating unique customer experiences is important for building deep relationships with your audience and getting them back through the door.

3. Less is more.

In business, when in doubt, less is more. Oftentimes as business owners we feel like we have to tell our customers all of the reasons why our product or service is great. While they might be true, your customers most likely don’t care about all the reasons your business is great. Each customer has their own personal incentives and values that go into choosing your offer over the competition. As you start to develop your subscriber list, make sure to give clear, easily digested nuggets of value that the receiver actually cares about.

4. Stay on Brand

Even when it comes to texting your customers, you should stay true to your brand. For some businesses this means being funny. Send a GIF or Meme if you feel like it resonates with your recipient. Don’t be afraid to take creative risks. Not only will you customers notice the difference but so will your bottom line.

5. Send a personal message 

In a time where software allows businesses to automate their outreach, customers are beginning to drown out the same copy and paste sales outreach. To stand out from your competitors, write a personal message to customers from time to time. Not only will it sound more human, your recipient will see the difference.

If used correctly, text based marketing can be a powerful tool for your overall marketing strategy. Respond Flow makes it easy to manage your contact's numbers and automate the first sales touch so that you can spend more time talking building relationships and less time cold calling.

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