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How to connect Respond Flow to a QR code

Martin Lien

After reading this step-by-step guide you will be able to connect your Respond Flow account to a QR code to easily onboard customers to your contact list. 

I will use a clothing store called Corner Fabric as an example and walk you through how I would personally use Respond Flow to set up my text message automation to sign-up customers and automatically follow up with them to increase sales.

1. Get Your Unique Contact Form Link

To begin I would use the already integrated Respond Flow form, which will help me collect all the information I need without taking more than 30 seconds of my customer’s time. The longer the signup, the more it feels like a burden rather than a reward. The form will collect all the information needed, while also ensuring that you remain TCPA Compliant. The form can be found by logging into your Respond Flow account and going to the “Contact” tab. Click into “Add Contact” and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find your unique link.

2. Create a QR Code

Once you have the form open, copy the URL and go to a free QR code generator to create a quick and easy QR code. That way the user can scan the QR code to access the form removing friction by saving the customer time finding the form. My personal favorite QR code generator is <a href="">The QR Code Generator.

3. Print out the QR code

Now print out the QR code and place it somewhere that you know the customer is most likely to see it. For Corner Fabric, that would be by the checkout counter. Corner Fabric would entice their patrons to sign up to their “CF VIP Club” by offering every customer that joins unique weekly discounts by text as well as an invitation to their exclusive monthly “wine-down Wednesday”, where their VIP’s get invited for an early look through next months clothing line while they sip on local wine.

4. Start Building Your Community

By now you should have all you need to start building your contact list. We have several blogs about best-practices for texting campaigns that are worth reading up on before starting to text. The secret is to offer value with every message without making it too detailed. Lead customers to a separate RSVP site or send images that hold the event details.

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