Gary V: Increasing social media engagement with text message marketing

Matt Morfopoulos
April 22, 2020
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If you’re a digital marketer, entrepreneur, or have been on youtube for excessive periods of time, you’ve probably seen a youtube video made by Gary V. Part marketer and internet personality, Gary V has built up a loyal fan base over the years.

Now what does Gary V have to do with text message marketing... and why would an influencer start texting their followers?

Gary V has become an advocate for text message marketing and is actively using the marketing channel to engage his followers and supercharge his social media accounts.

What does Gary V's social media strategy look like?

Gary V. uses text to increase social media engagement as well as drive traffic to his podcast. This is how his texting campaigns are usually structured.

Grow a text list

The first thing Gary V worries about is growing his list of contacts and phone numbers. You can grow your list quickly by leveraging your current audiences on social media and email. The faster you gain traction in list size, the more effective your texting efforts will be. 

Here are some tactics that Gary V deploys to grow his list:

  • Plugs his mobile number in every piece of content he makes.
  • Places his number in his social media bios.
  • Creates promotions that incentivize his community to text in keywords to enter a competition.

Once your audience starts to sign up, follow up with an automated welcome message. This set the stage for all future content you’ll be sending. 

Nurture your texting community

Once you grow your text list, you need to start sending them content. The key to nurturing your text community is avoiding "sales speech" too soon. What I mean by this is that your text list should feel like they are getting value from you, not being sold to. Give valuable insights, content, and discounts so that you start to build trust with your community.

Build relationships now so that you can ask for their support later. Gary V does an excellent job early on in his text message marketing campaigns by sending quick motivational content to inspire and not sell. Here’s an example of one of his “warm up videos”.

Ask you texting community for engagement

After building trust with your contacts, you can start to ask them to engage with your social media content. This is a great way to drive eyes to your social media campaigns and promotions.

Here are some tactics Gary V uses to drive engagement from his text community:

  • Asks his texting community to tag and use his podcasts hashtag on twitter to for a chance to win a competition.
  • Offers his community the opportunity to be on his podcast if they get their friends to join the texting list.
  • Link social media posts with big announcements to his text blasts.


A smart text message marketing strategy can supercharge your other marketing efforts.

Don't sell, deliver value.

Build trust and then ask for engagement.