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Four Creative Ways to Reach Out to Your Customers by Text

Peter Daggett

In the world of text marketing, customers are becoming more and more aware that the texts they get from businesses are coming from robots. That’s why you need creative strategies to reach out to your customers in a way that actually makes them want to respond. Here are four easy ways you can use text marketing to convert customers. 

1) Use Long Code Text Marketing

Long Code Text Marketing is an easy way to reach out to your customers by text in a way that makes them feel like people. With 5-Digit bulk SMS texts, customers can’t respond like an actual human. Their only option is to “Reply YES to redeem offer.” 

This leaves customers feeling like they’re just a number on a list, and doesn’t encourage them (or allow them) to continue communicating with you. 

With a 10-Digit bulk SMS service, you can send your customers something like, ”Hey! Have you heard about our grand-opening party for our new Oklahoma City location? Let me know if you’d like the details...and the deals that go with it!! :)” 

2) Personalize your Text Blasts

Why just text your customers a message when you can personalize your texts to make people feel special? With an SMS marketing service like <a href="http://respondflow.com">Respond Flow, you can automate your outreach with a personalized touch. Let’s look at the same message as above, only this time with a more personal touch. 

“Hey John! Have you heard about our grand-opening party for our new Oklahoma City location? Let me know if you’d like the details...and the deals that go with it!! :)” 

Doesn’t that feel so much more personal? When a customer or prospect sees a message like that, they feel like you are communicating with them, rather than just notifying them. 

3) Send your Customers Special Deals Based on their Personal Preferences

Why bulk text all of your customers the same deal rather than sending them deals that apply to their personal preferences? With Respond Flow’s segmenting tool, you can group your customers or prospects into different audiences based on their needs, and send them the according deals! 

Let’s say you run an Ice-Cream store, and you just restocked your famous Rum Rasin and Pistacio flavors. Since you already know which customers are DYING for these flavors, you can send a personalised text to each of these different segments. 

4) Encourage Your Customers to Give You A Call

We’ve all been hearing a lot about Robo-Calling in recent months, and because of that consumers have started to pick up their phone less and less when they don’t recognise a number. So how can you get your customers on a call where you can really start to communicate? 

It’s simple! Just encourage them to call you when you text them! With Respond Flow’s <a href="http://help.respondflow.com/en/articles/3047062-call-forwarding">Call Forwarding feature, we make it simpler than ever to get your customers on a call. Just send your customer or prospect a text like, “Hey John! I saw that you were interested in renting some equipment with us at Example Rental Company! If you have a minute, I’d love it if you gave me a call so I can help you find the best option for you.” 

Texts like this with a “Call to Call” are a great way to learn more about your customer’s needs and really start to build those key relationships.

Thinking that Creative Text marketing might be right for your business? You can learn more about the conversion power of text marketing by clicking the link below!

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