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Customer Experience: In a Sea of Identical Products

Matt Morfopoulos

As more businesses begin to automate their business operations, customer experience will be what sets the winners apart.

Today, consumers have more options than ever before.

Providing your customers with a uniquely catered experience carries far more weight than the utility of your product. To differentiate yourself from the countless other companies that offer products like yours, it is important to provide an excellent purchasing experience that puts building relationships first. 

Everyone uses email and cold calling so there are very few opportunities to provide a unique customer experience with these overused and undervalued channels.

To stand out from the pack, companies are looking to new communication methods such as chatbots and AI enabled messaging tools. With the massive growth of innovation in conversational AI, they are getting very popular. Although these marketing innovations enable businesses to deliver faster service and increase response rates; they forgo the human touch of other communication channels.

That’s why automation software that empowers businesses to create hyper personalized experiences without detracting from the human element of communication will become the standard. At the end of the day people buy from other people, not robots.

This is why our team at Respond Flow decided to develop a solution that enables businesses to automate text outreach without detracting from the human side of business. We automate the first sales touch so you can focus on giving your customers a truly memorable experience.

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