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Respond Flow partners with CBD Plus and Lotus Gold Franchises

Matt Morfopoulos

Retailers have a big challenge ahead of them. Customers no longer trust big businesses and are opting into shopping local for a personal 1 on 1 experience. As more people choose to spend their money where their heart is, business tools that help build community through authentic conversations will be an expectation, not a nice to have.

That’s why the Respond Flow team has partnered with franchises CBD Plus and Lotus Gold, to power their 187 retail locations to make every conversation unique with their customers.

As pioneers in the Cannabis and CBD retail arena, these franchises understand how valuable it is to connect on a local level with their customers. That’s why they chose Respond Flow to text enable all of their dispensaries as well as create personalized sms campaigns from headquarters that get sent to local customers.

(Martin Lien, CEO @ Respond Flow) “We built Respond Flow to help businesses of all sizes make every conversation unique. Whether you’re a small business owner or a 100 location retailer, we help you have authentic conversations to build local community.

We’re excited to grow with our new partners and help build authentic relationships with their  Canna customers.

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