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5 Ways to Integrate Your SMW Marketing With Social Media

Matt Morfopoulos

Text message  is one of the fastest ways to reach out to an audience and make sure that your message is read.

Use this to your advantage when creating a social media strategy. By integrating texting into your overall social media strategy, you’ll be able to grow your marketing list as well as increase your social media followers engagement with your posts.

Here are 5 ways you can get started:

1. Product Announcements

If you have any important changes or updates on your social media and you want to make sure that you get engagement for that special social media post then you can send a mass text to your text list letting them know you have a:

New product released or Important company announcement

2.Encourage your text community to post User Generated Content

User Generated Content is an effective way to grow your reach on social media. Not only are you getting free content for your social media profile, you get access to your follower’s networks.

Turn your most loyal followers into brand advocates through this marketing tactic.

How to get your followers to make content

Offer an incentive for your customers to post on their social media with your brand's hashtag along with any additional copy that may relate to the product or service you're promoting. Whenever a follower participates in your promotion, enter them in to win a discount, special product, or experience with your business.

3.Text to win contest

To entice your social media following to join your text list,  create a text to win contest. Have your social media followers text in a keyword to be entered in to win your prize.

This tactic not only allows you to entice new followers to join your text list but also allows you to retarget those who participated with content related to your contest.

4.Text sweepstake promotion

As opposed to leading your social media followers to your text list, you can reverse the strategy and lead your texters to participate in a social media contest.

This is easily done by sending your text contacts a link to a social post and ask them to participate in the promotion.

5.Automate a reply

Great! These strategies are effective.  You're growing you text list and your social media posts are getting more likes and comments than ever before.

What's most important as you start building your list of mobile numbers is to retarget them later with relevant offers. Why not automate the follow-up reply with a text message software like Respond Flow.


When combined with social media marketing, SMS marketing can help not only get your message heard, but also supercharge your other marketing channels. Just make sure to share valuable information with your contacts and to leverage your SMS list to drive traffic to other marketing channels.

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