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3 Ways To Captivate Your Contacts With MMS

Matt Morfopoulos

Texting your customers doesn’t have to be limited to just text on a screen. MMS, short for multimedia messaging service, is a type of text message that allows you to send images, videos, and gifs to your contacts. 

If you’re sending your customers text messages; images and videos should be a key tactic in your Text Message Marketing toolkit.

To get your creative juices flowing and your customers asking for more texts, here are 3 ways you can use MMS to captivate your contacts.

1. Send Pictures or videos of your products

People want to see and understand what they’re buying well before they make a purchase. A picture or video is a charming touch when you're getting new cusotmers to purchase your products.

Pair your image or video with a promotion to enhance the effectiveness on your marketing.

2. Send 1-to-1 Videos

People buy from people they know and like. Your customers want to get to know the people behind the products they know and love. Send video invites to exclusive events, product launches, and magic happening behind the scenes of your business.

Even if you aren't the face of the company, this is a great strategy to couple with your influencer marketing program. The more exclusive you make these one-to-one videos for you texting community, the more effective.

3. Gifs and Memes

Gifs and Memes are a crucial part of today’s modern marketing tactics.

Why? Because EVERYONE relates to them.

Sending your customers the right meme or gif can score your business serious brownie points with your customers. It’s a sign that you understand your customers.

Lucky for everyone, there's a meme and gif for just about any community.

If you want to start implementing memes and gifs to your text message strategy, take a look at Giphy as well as meme base.

So what are you waiting for? Start sending your customers MMS today with Respond Flow!

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