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10 Proven Text Message Templates For Retailers

Matt Morfopoulos


When daily sales are down and inventory is high, running in-store promotions can boost store traffic and attract new customers

👉Hey (Customer_Name), this is (Your_Name) from (Your_Company)! I wanted to let you know that our _______ sale is starting today! Stop by any time before _____ for access to awesome deals like (deal_1) and (deal_2)! 

👉Hey (Customer_Name)! (Your_Name) from (Your_Company) here to let you know about our biggest sale of the year! We’ve got X% discounts on ______, _______, and ________… You’re NOT going to want to miss out!

👉Hey (Customer_Name)! (Your_Name) here from (Your_Company). It’s time for our annual ______ sale, where we’ll give you up to X% off every single item in the store! Not to mention a free gift for every purchase made! So what are you waiting for?! Get over to (Company_Name) today for the deal of a lifetime!


Sending one message to your customers no longer carries the same weight as it used to. Customers are busy and receive more marketing messages than ever before. The more you follow-up, the more likely they will take you up on your amazing deal.

👉Hey (Customer_Name), (Your_Name) here from (Your_Company) again. Just wanted to remind you about our _____ sale that’s going on until this (End_Of_Sale_Day) at (End_of_sale_time). (Item Name)s have been flying off the shelves and at X% off, we don’t expect our stock to last much longer. Stop in today before (item Name) are all gone!

👉(Customer_Name), it’s the last day of our ______ sale 😢 Be sure to make it in today before XX:XX PM for awesome deals on (Item_1), (Item_2), and (Item_3)!

Flash Sales

Nothing draws a crowd quite like a flash sale. Generous spur of the moment deals keep your customers attentive and ready to act on your future texting promotions.

👉Hey (Customer_Name), High Voltage is having a flash sale for all of our VIP customers. Just show us this text message before 4 PM and get 50% off any of our top-shelf selection. 

VIP Events

Invite your text community to exclusive events via text message

👉(Customer_Name), we’d like to invite you to a very special event exclusive to only our most important customers. The crew at Sally’s is hosting a showcase party of our new Spring selection this coming Wednesday at 6 PM. We’ve catered the evening, so come grab a glass of wine and enjoy this evening with us.

Video Reviews

Customers want to be educated about the products they might want. If you can give this to them, they will trust you with their business. Knowledge + Customer Trust = Sales.

👉Hey (Customer_Name), we just got the new Head Prestige Pro racquet in store. Here’s a quick unveiling we made of this new tennis racquet. If you come in with this text message we’ll throw in a free racquet stringing and tape to go along with it.


Collecting Google Reviews

Optimize your business for local SEO by turning your best customers into brand advocates. If they are getting your text messages, they will be more likely to leave a review for your store.

👉Hey (Customer_Name), thanks for being part of the family here at Camps. If you have a moment, we’d love it if you wrote us a google review to help us reach more people. <a https://www.google.com/search?q=respond+flow&amp;oq=respond+&amp;aqs=chrome.0.69i59l2j69i60l4j69i61j69i65.1585j1j4&amp;sourceid=chrome&amp;ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x87b211a09dbf2edf:0x8b18753c9001c7e4,3,,,

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